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how to establish a relationship with god


Armenta Howerton

Living For God:
Seven Pillars To A Virtuous Lifestyle

Living for God: Seven Pillars to a Virtuous Lifestyle is a call to live upright in the eyes of God. Today many Christians are seeking their own pathways in life, not demonstrating God's glory and majesty among the nations. As Christians, our light should shine among the world that others see our good works and give our Father in Heaven the glory (see Matthew 5:16). But instead, our light is being overshadowed by selfish ambition looking more and more like the rest of the crowd.

God is calling his people to come back into a covenant relationship with him that they might demonstrate his holiness through moral and upright living for Him. In Living for God, the author imparts seven moral character principles for living virtuously in the eyes of God. These seven principles include: : Trust (in God), Love, Submission, A Pure Heart, Obedience, Patience, Humility.


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